Hi! I’m a PhD student in the University of Warwick, a member of the Oxford-Warwick statistics programme (OxWaSP). My PhD has taken me around a few institutions: Oxford, Warwick, The Alan Turing Institute, but currently I’m based in Dublin.

My research focuses on developing means of integrative cluster analysis in the context of genomic data analysis. Simply put, I am researching ways of finding groups in data where these data may arise from multiple sources. The application area of this is analysing the broad array of genetic data recorded on patients in order to identify risk cohorts.

Prior to my PhD I worked in the ESRI (Economic and Social Research Institute) in Dublin analysing national health data.

I’ll mostly be using this blog to write about the sort of stuff nobody would ever pay me to write about, more often than not The Simpsons.


A fairly up-to-date CV can be found here.


This is a collection of some of the media coverage my work has received:

Dec 20 2018 - The Times Christmas experiments: The clocks go back, the kids start singing and the band begins to play


Oct 30 2018 A.V. Club: Data analysis attempts to answer what exactly happened to The Simpsons

Jul 6 2018 BBC: How likely are you to bump into a friend at a music festival?

Jun 28 2017 FiveThirtyEight: One of the day’s Significant Digits

Jun 28 2017 Washington Post: The ‘i before e, except after c’ rule is a giant lie

Jan 2017 BBC Midlands Today interview: Stay Still or Search? Finding a lost friend in a crowd

Nov 29 2016 BBC Radio 4 More or Less

Academic publications

My Google Scholar page contains a mostly up-to-date listing of my publications.

Academic conferences and presentations

Health Data Science at The Wellcome Genome Campus, 11-12 Jun 2019 - I presented a poster on ParticleMDI, the Julia package I’ve developed during my thesis for performing cluster analysis on genomic data, as well as some results from successful applications of the algorithm.

DataBeers Dublin at The Marker Hotel, 28 Feb 2019 - I gave a talk on my blog posts analysing the end of the golden age of The Simpsons.

LMS Invited Lecture Series and CRISM Summer School in Computational Statistics 2018 at The University of Warwick 9-13 Jul 2018 - I presented a poster on the work I’ve completed during my thesis.

BAYSM 2018 at The University of Warwick 2-3 Jul 2018 - I presented a poster on the work I’ve completed during my thesis.

ISBA World Meeting 2018 at The University of Edinburgh 24-29 Jun 2018 - I presented a poster on the work I’ve completed during my thesis.

CogX 2018 at Tobacco Dock London - I gave a talk on my research in developing algorithms for inferring clusters in groups of cancer patients using genomic data.

Software packages

ParticleMDI - a Julia package for performing integrative cluster analysis on multiple genomic datasets.

pushshiftR - a very basic package for reading Reddit data into R using the pushshift API.